Manassas Child Support Lawyer

In Virginia, when parents decide to divorce or break up, the courts seek to ensure that children receive financial support from both parents. In the Commonwealth of Virginia, judges determine child support based on the Virginia Child Support Guidelines. This obligation also applies to unmarried parents who share a child. If you are a parent facing divorce or an unmarried parent facing a child support case, you need a child support attorney in Manassas who safeguards the best interests of your children and protects your rights and best interests. Call the Manassas child support lawyers at Collins Family Law for a confidential consultation on your child support case.

Why Choose Collins Family Law for Your Child Support Case in Manassas?

The Manassas child support attorneys at Collins Family Law have successfully navigated Virginia family law for years with a track record of satisfaction from our clients. We are a full-service family law firm ready to provide compassionate, well-grounded legal counsel and representation for all of your family court needs, including handling your child support case with meticulous attention to detail and the understanding that each case is unique. Our Manassas divorce attorneys‘ tailored approach does the following:

  • Uses our deep understanding of the Code of Virginia’s schedule of child support guidelines to ensure we miss no legal points in your child support determination
  • Ensures you’re well-prepared on what to expect when achieving a settlement agreement or going to court for a judge to decide your matter
  • Guides you through the process the state uses to determine which parent pays child support and your obligations and rights as a parent
  • Provides you with experienced allies in your child support determination

We take into account your unique circumstances and variables to effectively pursue the best possible determination in your child support case in Manassas.

How is Child Support Determined in Virginia?

Virginia family courts consider the following when making a legal determination on child support orders:

  • The total gross incomes of both parents
  • Spousal support payments (in some cases)
  • Healthcare contributions
  • Daycare expenses
  • Any special medical or educational needs of the child
  • The amount of time each parent has with the children in their custody agreement

Ultimately, the courts have the final say in child support orders and may deviate from the child support calculation formula under special circumstances according to The Code of Virginia § 20-108.2 which states that the court’s presumptive formula for child support is rebuttable under the following circumstances:

When “the application of the guidelines would be unjust or inappropriate in a particular case as determined by relevant evidence” 

Your Manassas child support attorney from Collins Family Law can advise you whether or not the court is likely to deviate from the guidelines in your unique case. We’re also ready to help with the modification of existing child support orders, paternity in a Manassas child support case, or child support enforcement.

Don’t Be Without Counsel in Your Manassas Child Support Case

Whether you are a presumptive paying parent or a receiving parent in a Virginia child support case, or you are seeking a modification of existing child support orders due to a significant and ongoing change in circumstances, you need skilled legal guidance on your side. We’ll protect your rights and seek the best possible outcome for you. Contact our Manassas family law lawyers today to speak to a Manassas child support attorney about setting up a confidential consultation about your case.