Manassas Post-Divorce Modifications Lawyer

Court orders in a divorce are serious and enforceable, with significant penalties for those who disregard them. However, family courts in Virginia acknowledge that sometimes life circumstances substantially change.

If you’ve experienced a change in financial circumstances, health, or other status at any time after your divorce, a Manassas post-divorce modification lawyer can walk you through your options, including the process of filing a request for modification of an existing divorce order. Call Collins Family Law today so we can set up a confidential consultation and begin prompt action.

Why Choose Us As Your Divorce Order Modification Attorneys in Manassas?

At Collins Family Law, our Manassas family law attorneys understand that life is never static. Circumstances may change significantly after a divorce due to unforeseen occurrences. In other cases, you may seek a modification due to a change in your ex-spouse’s situation that impacts your divorce orders. The compassionate legal team at Collins Family Law brings the following advantages to your case:

  • Skilled Virginia family lawyers familiar with all aspects of Virginia divorce orders
  • Client-centered legal representation with your best interests as our primary purpose
  • A tailored, results-oriented approach that recognizes that no two cases or clients are the same

At Collins Family Law, our Manassas post-divorce modifications attorneys have many years of experience navigating Virginia divorce law, including a track record of satisfied clients.

What Divorce Orders are Subject to Modification in Virginia?

While the division of marital property and debt is irreversible (for instance, you cannot take back the marital home if it’s been awarded to your ex-spouse) custody, visitation, and support may be modified upon the showing of a material change in circumstances. Divorce provisions subject to modification in Virginia include the following:

If you have had a significant life change since the original divorce order took effect, the court will consider a modification of your orders but it’s essential to present a clear, concise case with ample evidence of the ongoing change. A post-divorce modification lawyer from Manassas is the best way forward for this type of legal petition.

For What Reasons Will a Virginia Court Approve a Request for Modification of Existing Orders?

Life moves forward for both spouses following a divorce. Some examples of significant changes that justify a modification request include:

  • Job loss or change in employment
  • Changes in work schedules that impact a child’s visitation schedule
  • Job relocation
  • Remarriage
  • A child from a new relationship
  • Serious illness or disability
  • Change in living conditions
  • Evidence of child abuse, child neglect, or parental substance abuse/addiction

At Collins Family Law, we have an in-depth knowledge of the Virginia family court’s requirement for a modification and can walk you through the process and provide representation for the best possible outcome.

What If My Ex-Spouse Is Requesting a Modification of Our Divorce Order?

Just as we understand that life-altering circumstances may warrant a divorce order modification in Virginia, we also recognize that learning of a spouse’s request for modification is unsettling. If your ex-spouse has petitioned for a modification of one or more divorce orders, you need experienced representation on your side.

Call The Post-Divorce Modification Attorneys at Collins Family Law

Divorce orders in Virginia have substantial impacts both financially and on a parent’s relationship with a child. When a serious change in circumstances makes an existing order inappropriate, it’s important to present a compelling case to the judge. Contact the Manassas post-divorce modification attorneys at Collins Family Law with your questions.