Manassas Child Visitation Attorney

Divorced or non-married parents have rights in Virginia, including the right to visitation with their children when they don’t have primary custody—unless the court finds that visitation is not in a child’s best interest. A custodial parent may not deny or restrict the other parent’s court-ordered right to visitation. Parents in Manassas can determine a child visitation schedule that suits their family’s unique schedule, but if visitation rights become a dispute, a judge can decide for them.

If you need to create a workable child visitation schedule with an ex-spouse or a co-parent, or you are facing court litigation concerning visitation rights in Virginia, the Manassas child visitation attorneys of Collins Family Law are ready to help defend your rights and best interests. Contact the experienced legal team at (703) 755-7343 today for a case consultation.

Why Choose Us As Your Manassas Child Visitation Lawyers?

At Collins Family Law, we offer experienced legal counsel and skilled representation from an experienced Manassas child visitation lawyer who has an in-depth knowledge of the state’s laws protecting parental rights. We offer the following advantages in your child visitation case:

  • An attorney dedicated to your case to walk you through the process
  • The collaborative efforts of a legal team with creative insights for finding workable solutions
  • A resolution-oriented approach when seeking an out-of-court agreement for a visitation schedule when possible
  • An attorney who understands the unique circumstances of some family situations when visitation is not in a child’s best interest

Whether you are seeking visitation rights for your child, or you have valid concerns and need an attorney to help you make a compelling case showing that visitation with the child’s other parent is not in their best interests, the attorneys at Collins Family Law understand that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to children.

Understanding Virginia’s “Best Interests of the Child” Standard for Child Visitation

The Manassas child visitation lawyers at Collins Family Law can help you show the judge why your desired outcome for visitation is in your child’s best interests by doing the following:

  • Negotiating an agreement with your child’s other parent to draft a well-executed visitation schedule that works for your schedules
  • Presenting the visitation schedule to a judge for court orders
  • Disputing the other parent’s visitation proposal if it is in your child’s best interests and presenting a clear and compelling case to the judge
  • Petitioning for a modification of existing visitation orders
  • Establishing paternity to gain parental rights, visitation orders, and child support obligation
  • Enforcing existing child custody and visitation orders

The child visitation lawyers at Collins Family Law understand that nothing is more important than parenting a child. When it comes to visitation orders for a child, parents should leave nothing to chance.

Call the Manassas Child Visitation Lawyers at Collins Family Law

If you’re seeking visitation with a child or your child’s other parent is seeking a visitation order, you shouldn’t be without skilled representation. Reach out to the Manassas family law attorneys at Collins Family Law. Our team has a deep knowledge of Virginia’s child custody and visitation laws and an empathetic understanding of the importance of upholding the standard of a child’s best interests. At Collins Family Law, we understand that family comes first. Call our Manassas divorce lawyers today to schedule your confidential consultation.