Manassas High Asset Divorce Lawyer

Money and assets can make an already stressful situation, like a divorce, more contentious. We’ve found that most individuals needing high-asset divorces shouldn’t go to an average lawyer, one without the expertise, care, and sensitivity that these situations require.

So, if you or your spouse have determined that divorce is the best avenue for your family and marriage, our Manassas high asset divorce lawyers are here to help you. At Collins Family Law, our compassionate, high-asset divorce attorneys are your guide through the entire divorce process. Whether you settle out of court or take it to trial, managing partner Sarah C. Collins and the entire Collins Family Law team are here for you in your time of need.

For the best possible outcome in your case, call us at (703) 691-5272 or book a free, no-obligation case review and consultation online today. Our Manassas divorce lawyers are always standing by to offer you the respect, dignity, and compassion you and your situation deserve. 

Why Collins Family Law Is Your Choice For A High-Asset Divorce In Virginia 

For years, the Manassas high asset divorce lawyers at Collins Family Law have been Manassas’s choice for high-asset divorce proceedings. Why? 

  • Our high-asset divorce lawyers offer you individualized attention in your divorce case. We know that your situation and circumstances are especially sensitive, and we are willing to answer your questions at any time. 
  • We seek a resolution-based approach to your divorce. Our goal is to manage emotions and help your charged situation feel less contentious so you can get the desired outcome. 
  • We are law firm based on advocacy – so we aren’t afraid to fight vigorously for the assets you’re owed. 
  • Our team understands the complexities and nuances of divorces in the state of Virginia, with a full understanding of the statutory issues that impact your case. 

How To Receive A High-Asset Divorce In Manassas, Virginia

First, you need to understand all the requirements you need to fulfill before you begin the divorce proceeding. Here are those below:

Virginia Residency and Separation Requirements:

  • One spouse must have lived in Virginia for at least six months.
    • No Children: Must be separated for six months with a separation agreement for a no-fault divorce.
    • With Children: Must live separately for at least a year.

Understanding Divorce Types In Virginia 

Like many states, there are two types of divorce in Virginia – fault and no-fault. The choice of which type of divorce to select can drastically impact how assets are divided and if alimony needs to be paid.

  • No-Fault Divorce: No need to prove wrongdoing. Both spouses have to agree to the divorce and they have been separated for the required period. There is no need to prove misconduct or fault in this divorce type.
  • Fault-Based Divorce: Requires proving specific grounds for divorce. One spouse believes the other has committed specific misconduct (e.g., adultery, cruelty, desertion). This wrongdoing significantly impacts the marriage and the filing spouse seeks to influence the outcome of asset division or alimony.

Understanding Asset Division In High-Asset Divorces

Generally, Virginia follows a “fair and equitable” division of the assets, not necessarily 50/50. That means a judge decides the division in a contested divorce if spouses can’t agree.

 If you have any questions about getting a high-asset divorce in Virginia, contact our Manassas high asset divorce attorneys at (703) 691-5272 or book your case review online today.