Manassas Separation Agreement Attorney

Choosing to end a marriage is a difficult and painful decision. Virginia requires spouses to live separately for a year before divorcing if they have children, or for six months if they have no children and have a separation agreement in place. Although Virginia doesn’t have an option for a legal separation like some states, it does encourage separating spouses to enter into a contract settling all aspects of living apart, including child custody and the fair and equitable division of assets. Developing a well-executed separation agreement protects the separation and makes a smoother transition to divorce later if spouses don’t reunite.

If you and your spouse have decided to live separately, a Manassas separation agreement attorney can guide you through the process of forming a separation agreement with a resolution-based approach that protects your rights and best interests. Call our Manassas separation agreement lawyers today so we can begin prompt action on your behalf.

Why Choose Us for Your Separation Agreement Lawyers in Manassas?

The Manassas family law lawyers at Collins Family Law have decades of combined experience navigating Virginia’s complex divorce laws including guiding spouses through the terms of a separation agreement. We provide responsive, personalized attention and a tailored approach to each unique case for the best possible outcome. By choosing Collins Family Law, you’ll find:

  • A dedicated Manassas separation agreement lawyer protecting your best interests throughout the process of drafting your separation agreement
  • The collaborative efforts of a legal team with a deep understanding of Virginia family law
  • Knowledgeable legal counsel for the best possible outcome
  • A full-service family law firm to handle all aspects of your separation agreement, divorce, child custody, child support, and asset division as you move forward through the legal challenges and complex emotional aspects of separation and divorce

No one should go through this difficult process without a dedicated advocate with a deep knowledge of Virginia divorce law on their side.

What Is a Separation Agreement in Virginia?

Drafting a thorough separation agreement in Virginia helps spouses resolve all aspects of separating one family and household into two. Reaching agreements on these issues outside of a courtroom saves money, time, and adversarial feelings. Arriving at a mutually acceptable settlement agreement also shortens the waiting period for spouses without children from one year to six months, allowing a faster, more streamlined divorce process.

A settlement agreement resolves divorce terms for the following:

  • Child custody schedule
  • The fair and equitable division of marital assets
  • Child support
  • Spousal support (when appropriate)
  • Retention of the family home (in some cases)
  • Any other provisions relevant to a unique case

A separation agreement also formally establishes the date of separation, making it easier to move forward with a divorce after the six-month or one-year waiting period required for a divorce in Virginia. Without an agreement in place when one spouse moves out of the marital residence, the other spouse could potentially claim abandonment in a fault-based divorce. A separation agreement protects both parties in a divorce in Manassas.

How Does a Separation Agreement Lawyer in Manassas Help?

No one should be without legal counsel when drafting a separation agreement. It takes experienced representation to ensure not only that the language of the agreement holds up under court scrutiny, but also that your rights and best interests have the protection you deserve on all aspects of a Virginia divorce, including your time with your children and your share of the marital assets. By not cutting corners now, you’ll save time, money, and contention later.

Call The Manassas Separation Agreement Attorneys at Collins Family Law Today

As soon as separation and divorce become likely if not inevitable, it’s time to hire experienced legal representation. Your spouse may already have an attorney. Your Manassas divorce lawyer from Collins Family Law takes the time to gain an in-depth understanding of your desired outcomes and what you feel is in your family’s best interests and then develops a strategy to obtain your goals and protect your interests. Contact our Manassas separation agreement attorneys today so we can begin your legal protection with a well-executed separation agreement.